Training Programmes

IIP Cell coordinates various training programmes conducted by various departments to meet the industries’ and others’ requirements. The partial list of training programs conducted is as follows. The programs are repeated as per the requirement of the industries.

Computer and IT related training programmes

  • Basic computer skills to company employees
  • Linux and Open source tools
  • Data Mining and related tools
  • Web designing and multimedia tools
  • Training programme on Joomla
  • XML and web services
  • Security issues in mobile Ad hoc networks
  • Java and Advanced Java programming
  • Mobile computing
  • Coral draw and photoshop
  • Ontology and knowledge engineering tools
  • J2EE and J2ME technologies
  • Joucry mobiles framework
  • Android and Codedroid applications
  • Web services and cloud computing
  • Mobile apps using C# net
  • Middleware Technologies
  • MongoDB
  • Ethical Hacking, Cyber Forensics, Information Security
  • Hands on training on Open source RTOD development and its application using RT Linux
  • Cloud Computing tools
  • Big Data Analytics tools – Hadoop
  • Workshop on smart phone and laptop maintenance

Mechanical and Mechatronics related training programmes

  • Lean manufacturing
  • CNC programming
  • Structural Analysis using Ansys
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics for Industries
  • Micro Fluidics (Also by Chemical Department)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis using Fluent / Ansys
  • Finite element analysis using Ansys
  • Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis
  • Optimization tools for research
  • Advanced mechanical instruments
  • Design of experiments for research
  • Composite materials – for Manufacturing and Characterization
  • Auto Cad , CMM with GD and T and SRTM
  • Recent Trends in automobiles
  • Build your own BOT - Trackers
  • Modern Pneumatic Controls and Robotic Controls
  • Renewable Energy Resources (Also by EEE Department)
  • Issues in solar thermal collectors

Electrical and Electronics related training programmes

  • Mat Lab related training programmes related to signal processing, image processing, application oriented programmes, soft computing, thermal systems, modeling and simulation, wavelet applications, modern control system, mathematical transforms for research, bio-medical applications, Neuro – Fuzzy and GA applications
  • Demand side management and smart grids
  • Wireless networks
  • Distributed control system and process simulation (Also by Chemical Department)
  • Wireless Embedded Systems
  • VLSI signal processing including Synopsis VLSI tools
  • Industrial Automation(Relay, PLC, SCADA) and DCS
  • Embedded systems development tools
  • Drive controls for Industries
  • Harmonic issues and its effects on power system
  • Industries scope for Instrumentation Engineers
  • Real Time Image Processing using Xilinx FPGA
  • RF design using Anoys Ansoft HF package
  • Electronic circuit design using EDA tools
  • Lab View for Engineers
  • Circuit design using ORCAD PSPICE tool
  • FPGA based VLSI design
  • Advanced controller design for power electronic circuits using Mat Lab and D – Space
  • Analysis of electrical machines using Maxwell and ECAD software
  • Electrical drives for Industrial automation
  • Training programme for BEE Energy Auditor Exam(Also by Mechanical Engineering)

Chemical Engineering related training programmes

  • Process simulation
  • Micro Fluidics
  • CFD Analysis using Fluent / Ansys
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Bio-medical waste management
  • Advances in Energy and Environmental issues
  • HySys software for heat exchangers

Miscellaneous Training Programmes

  • Training programmes for DIET, Perundurai faculty for Teaching English, Computer skills, Maths
  • Management development programmes for soft skills, communication skills, marketing skills etc.
  • Research methodologies and the Art of Writing Technical Papers


Number of Training Programmes Organized