KEC-IIP Cell co-ordinates the various testing services for the nearby industries and Entrepreneurs by the following departments:
  1. Civil Engineering Department : The department provides Testing facilities in the following laboratories
  2. a)Concrete Laboratory
    b)Soil Mechanics Laboratory
    c)Environmental Engineering Laboratory
    d)Strength of Materials Laboratory
    e)Highway Engineering Laboratory
  3. Mechanical Engineering : This department provides Testing facilities in the following laboratories
  4. a)Thermal Engineering Laboratory Fuel characteristics Testing/ Biodiesel synthesis
    b)Dynamics / Advanced Research Laboratories Composite Material Testing
    c)Metrology Laboratory etc., - Surface Roughness Testing / Force Plate Measurement
  5. EEE Department: This department provides rewinding facilities as well as Power, Energy, Harmonics Measurement facilities.
  6. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry departments : These departments provide facilities for water quality testing and environmental measurement facilities
  7. Food Technology Department : This provides facilities for measuring Food Quality, Food Nutrients’ Testing facilities
Year Total number of testing assignments undertaken
2010-2011 876
2011-2012 468
2012-2013 483
2013-2014 216
2014-2015 366
2015-2016 291
2016-2017 118
2017-2018 101
2018-2019 241