Welcome to Industry Institute Partnership Cell

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell is a well established setup of Kongu Engineering College for promoting and nurturing the Industry Linkages for the Institute. After the inception of the same in the college in the year 2002 with Grant- in- aid from AICTE, New Delhi, the cell was awarded ‘A’ Excellent grade in 2003 by the review team. The Grants, in three installments of Rs. 8 lakh , Rs.2 lakh and 1 lakh , were received in 2002, 2003 and 2006 . The Cell is presently fully self supporting.

The cell operates as a separate unit in the Institute and managed by a Chief Coordinator (CCO, an experienced senior faculty from one of the departments) who is appointed by the College Principal. He is assisted by the individual department coordinators nominated by the respective departmental heads.

The departments are given revenue targets in the beginning of the academic year in a meeting wherein the Principal, Chief Coordinator, Heads and coordinators of the departments participate. The performance of the cell is continuously monitored in the bi-monthly review meetings by the CCO with the other department coordinators as well as in the bi-monthly meeting of the HOD-s with Principal.

IIP Cell is undertaking Testing, Training, Consultancy and Energy auditing activities for Industries at nominal charges. The testing activities are directly handled by the departments and consolidated monthly activity lists and revenue reports are submitted to the Cell. The other activities are undertaken with prior scrutiny by the IIP cell and with the approval of the Principal.

All the three revenues are credited into a separate IIPC Grant-in Aid Account. Out of the total net revenue, for the activities undertaken using College Facilities, 40 % is distributed to the concerned faculty and the non-teaching staff while for the activities undertaken without using college facilities, 60 % is distributed. The reserve revenue in the above mentioned account is used to support the various Industry related activities student and faculty.

The cumulative revenue earned by the IIPC activities from 2002 till date is more than Rs. 4.00 crore. The annual earnings in the last three academic years are Rs.39 lakh,43 lakh and 45 lakh.

Objectives and Mission

  • Promoting Industry linkages for the Institute to provide Industry exposure to the students to supplement their learning process as well as to the faculty to improve their teaching skills.
  • Facilitating Industry visits, In plant training , Industry Projects and Internships for students and training for faculty
  • Encouraging lectures and coordinating the one credit courses delivered by the Industry experts.
  • Mentoring Innovative Student Open house projects for Patenting as well as for displaying in the Industry Exhibitions like INTEC.
  • Offering technical consultancy to the specific needs of the industries through individual departments as well as conducting Energy and Power Quality audits
  • Offering courses on the latest technical developments (on-campus and off-campus) to Industries.
  • Providing testing facilities to various Industries
  • Carrying out Research and Development activities in collaboration with industries.